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Friday, June 09, 2006


Jews helping nazi!

It’s been recently discovered that the owner of two large stores frequented by many Jews here was (is?) in fact a nazi.
One is a hypermarket and the other one is an electronics giant selling computers, stereos, television sets etc…

The culprit, otto beisheim, who it may be suspected, committed terrible crimes against many Jews, own both of these brands.
While I was a frequent customer of both stores there’s no way I’m ever setting foot in either one again. (bli neder).
However I was dismayed to hear many others say that they will continue patronizing the stores citing that:

-It’s not really going to hurt him if I stop
What about principles??
-The prices are lower than somewhere else
Search and you’ll find as good or even better, I already have.
-It’s so conveniently located
What about principles????

Would you continue giving business, albeit negligible from the Rasha’s (evildoer) point of view, if you knew a former nazi and probable Jew hater was making profit from your purchases?

Agree with you on this one. If he was indeed a nazi I find it hard to believe that anyone would even consider setting foot in his stores.
Jemima3-Well it's been widely reported in the European press, that's why I assumue it's true.
On the wikipedia entry for that Rasha's name it is mentioned as well.

tis all about principles
The Sabra -or the lack thereof.
totally agree - if this is an individual he should be boycotted - a big shpiel made public and let the rest of the world know we haven't forgotten
Anon-I agree, I can't understand why the head of the communities haven't made an announcement yet, discouraging people to shop here.
wow i would never buy anything from a nazi! I dont really care how cheep something is. How awful!
Chaverah- I agree which is why I'm bothered that many Jews respond relatively indifferent to this shocking news.
Amazing how some people will put comfort and ease ahead of their ideals. Shame on them!
I would never go there! Not a question!
Are these the same people who wont buy a BMW or Bosche dishwasher?

SO inappropriate.
I am totally with you on this one. I would never set foot in these stores again!
Disgusting! How can people even think about buying from such a person!

May Hashem avenge those holy neshamas who died for being jewish.
I'm with you 100% on this one- even if he was "just" a Jew-hater, I wouldn't give him my business. But knowing that he was a Nazi as well....how could ANY Jew contribute to that man's livelihood? Those excuses people are giving are pathetic.
I am in total agreement with you.

When Schwartznegger ran for governor here in California, I could not vote for him since his father was a brown shirt. Any mention of a Nazi, by association, or directly, puts me into a tail-spin! As it turns out, Schwartznegger turned out not to be a Jew hater himself, and his first trip as a governer was to Israel, where he donated much of his personal money to help build the Holocaust museum there.

We cannot control the acts of others. These people who chose to go to this store, it is there right, you must accept it, whether you agree or not. Otherwise, you will just get aggrivated yourself.
It's hard to believe...Fifty years ago, this wouldn't be a question, and the rasha himself would have to change his name, don a disquise, and live out the rest of his life in South America to avoid the mental waves of pain, anger, and revenge thrown his way.

"Those who show mercy to those who are cruel, in the end, will become cruel themselves"
I have another idea, Prag.

Why not put up a poster near this man's store, or make it known by a handout that he was a former Nazi, responsible for the killing of millions of Jews? I know legally one must be careful, so as not to disparage a business and cause loss of profits, but when it comes to these issues, I think an individual has the right to know with whom they are dealing.
People have a short memory...
Barbara- You're right it has been bothering too much. If people can't see the obvious wrong in shopping there, I am not the person to point that out.
I feel it should be the head of the community’s responsibility.
Your idea of standing near the entrance and denouncing buying there is a good one.
However if I do that and Non Jews see Jews nevertheless shopping there I will appear ridiculous and hypocritical.
Well, I wouldn't buy anything from a nazi even if it was a 1000 times cheaper. Who cares? he's an animal.
Why would a Jew shop there, Prag? Have they given you any sound reason? Do they have a relationship with the man, even if it was acertained under false pretenses?

In Lakewood, the Orthodox pass around these fliers (I was told) denouncng someone whom they believe is not religious enough (there is a name in Yiddish, but I forget it.) I was suggesting that, but you have to be careful not to disparage someone's business opportunities, which, again, brings me to the quesiton, why would a Jew continue to shop at this place?
I agree....
If the owner himself is a Nazi...

I disagree with the whole notion of not buying from companies that were once Nazi owned...and people that broadly boycott any German products...
I have to echo David's comment. Something that was once German owned and only kept the logo is different. Something that is currently owned is a whole 'nother issue.
I cannot understand why people are so indifferent about this.
My guess sis that we've gotten so used to anti-semitism that it barley makes an impression anymore.
Nevertheless I'm strongly against the idea of shopping there anymore and I share my concerns with people I know that continue to patronize those stores.
However it seems to be to no avail.
An recurrent argument is that by not buying there we only punish ourselves, since these stores offer decent goods at interesting prices.
just came on to say

i love falafel!

I'm not indifferent, Prag. I would not ever buy anything or support a known Nazi no matter what. Period.

In fact, as you can see, I find it horrifying to buy from this guy.

You have inspired my latest post. Please check it out.
If this happend in my part of town I am sure some people would paint his windows some new colors...
TOWIK-So you’re putting my theory to the test I see :)

Barbatra-Oh I didn’t mean you were indifferent, I was referring to the people of my town.
On my way to your blog now.

The real me- That would be a good thing, but we’re not talking about a small private owned store here, it’s a huge store probably equipped with decent security.
Nevertheless it’s my opinion that this store should be publicly boycotted by the Jews.
I am in shock that people can act so indiffrent in this manner! If it was me I would never set foot into the place again.
you kow lots of people won't buy german cars...if that isnt a problem then we can find somewhere else to shop the same way.
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