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Wednesday, December 07, 2005


Mcaryeh tagged me!

Remember the interview mania? Every Blogger interviewed another and tagged others to interview them.
No censure, no shame all sorts of questions were posed.
Back then, Yiddische Mamme and Chayele were still blogging.
Aah the good times.

Well there's no time to indulge in nostalgia, there’s a new game in town and I’ve been tagged (=asked or instructed) to participate.

The rules:1. Turn on your mp3 player.2. Hit shuffle.3. Put the first fifteen songs that come up in a post. No matter how embarassing. No cheating

If you’ve read this post, you know already what a strange taste of music I have.
I blame my Mother…
Here goes:

Anne Marie Peysson-Comme un manege
Marie Laforet –Kathy Cruelle
Nathalie Lhermitte-Le bleu du bleu
Rene Joly-Communique de l’evangeliste
Noam-Viens maman on va danser
Michele Torr-Aventurier
Gerard Lenoramn-Tu viens d’avour 20 ans
Rene Joly-Communique de l’evangeliste 2
Art Sullivan- Monsieur tu madmae vous
Anne Meson-Jardin Secret
Rene Joly-Communique de l’evangeliste 3
Bernard Minet-College Fou Fou
Karen Cheryl-Aimee ou amoureuse
Marie Laforet-Mais je t’aime
Gerard Lenorman-Les matins d’hiver

All the titles are in French though I have some English songs too but they didn’t show up.
If you would like to be tagged, just leave a note.
The caricatures were taken from this great site

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I remember that interview thing in the summer. It was interesting. Now there's something else huh?

What's cool is that these things have a way of connecting us.

By the way, thanks for linking me.
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Prag, I love your random list of songs, especially because I am not familiar with any of them, and it means I get to discover new music! Where is a good place to start?
i think the saddest thing here is that i actually was able to understand every song title without having to think twice. aahh, good ol' reliable grad school french.
I must be completely boring..
1: in a fremder schtot
2: ad henu
3: dido beih
4: v'yeasoo
5: od yishama
6: rak ata
7: a karduner playlist
8: ivdu et hashem bisimcha
9: tagidi
10: Aisha
11: yakilivi veyachali
12: Missed me by the dresdon dolls(no idea where that popped in)
13: hamalach hagoel
14: hinei
15: pirchai medley
Lvnsm-You're welcome I thought it was about time I linked to my blog readers.

Mcaryeh-Well you could buy some french cds, or I could send you by email some of my favorites.

Bec-Hey Bec that's so great, that gives me an idea; I should translate the titles for the readers who don't understand French.Do you speak French ocaasionaly?

Eshet-It’s nice music, not boring just more traditional. Mp3 player or Ipod?
Prag, MP3 player. And send me some music too. If there's a way of getting you my email privately, I love french music, especially female voices.
It is good to get to know you through your love of music. I must confess, however, to being ignorant, and not knowing most of those pieces/songs.

It would be a good idea if you can explain to us what they are about, and why you like them.
Eshet-You can email me on pragmatician@gmail.com.

Barbara-That's an excellent idea,the songs that came up in the shuffle aren't exactly favorites but i'll pick a few of my treasured songs and elaborate on them in an upcoming post;
Thanks for the idea.
Where do you find French music?
The only time I hear it is..flipping through the audio channels on ElAl..lol
and I kinda like it...

David-I have some cds and some I take from the net.Any artists you know?
I'm afraid not..but I can hum you the tunes liked..
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