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Tuesday, December 13, 2005


I’ve been tagged again, this time for a different list, actually a very basic one.
Here’s the assignment

Name simple pleasures that you like most, then pick people to do the same. Try to be original and creative and not to use 5 things that someone else has already used

I’d like to thank Normal Jew for tagging me.

1) Listening to music while lying in a warm bath, in a tub long enough so that I don’t have to bend my knees, which get cold out of the water.

2) Waking up, rolling over, damning the morning and my need to get out of bed, and subsequently discovering I can still stay in for an hour or more.

3) Getting to leave early from work.

4) My Chavrusa canceling our session when I’m too tired.(I made a deal with myself not to cancel because of tiredness, otherwise we’d never learn)

5) Playing with a baby and be able to return it to its parents when it’s been enough for me, when he gets difficult or when all of sudden he gets a tad heavier : ).

I’m tagging everyone on my LINKS list, of course those who've been tagged before for the same list are exempt!

OMG! I LOVE, LOVE #5!! That is SO me!!! I have k'h tons of neices and nephews and all my sibs have dubbed me as "the 10 second holder"!
lol- the bath one is funny. I would never have that prob seeing as I'm just 5 feet...
Shop -I like that title I'll assign the "30 second holder" to myself.
Wait!! I tagged you too...which one of us tagged you first ??? GRRRRR
Damn, he got you 3 days before me, I'll have to tag someone else I suppose
No fair. I don't know enough people to tag back...Can I wiggle out of this?
Nice list. I can relate to some of them.
btw, thanks for the tag.
Already did this one, but your list makes me want to do it again! I love how specific you are with these - can relate to all five....
I like number one.
Tamara-Thanks for the tag, it's appreciated nonetheless. Plenty of bloggers to choose from.

Eshet-I suppose so, but just this once :)

Lvns-You're welcome

Mcareyah-that's what I like about blogging, in real life (here) I'd never find someone who could relate.

What a nice list!

I wish I could listen to music while in a bathtub. I am too busy 'thinking' about the music I hear!!

Thanks for the tag, by the way.
I liked your list of nice things. The one about not having to get out of bed yet is my favorite(i'm a slacker) and you are soooooo right about that bathtub!! Who thought of making bathtubs in that silly shape anyway???
Ooooooooooooooh I've been tagged... will respond accordingly, time permitting.
Barbara-looking forward to read your 5 pleasures.

Evangelia-This is so cool, when I mention this problem to friends they think I'm crazy. On my blog I find someone who agrees. Thanks

Frumgirl-Yes you have been,i'll be on the look for your answers.
Well, prag, I ended up being tagged by 3 more people. Seems I couldn;t get out of it even though you let me slide.
#2 is great!
Eshet-You'll just have to do your best!
please take the time to do my survey for orthodox couples
because its clear that they are having very little physical pleasure according to my friend
Before I was married I took baths with music. It was great. Barely have time to shower, must squeeze in a quick one daily, would never have time for a bath!
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