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Thursday, August 04, 2005


As if it wasn’t bad enough that music is prohibited during the three weeks from Sunday on, it is meat’s turn to become the forbidden fruit.
I won’t get into how excessively hard this is for me, for fear of repeating myself.

These are positively the hardest times of the year, almost no simchas take place, and even Bar Mitzvahs are sad affairs with the real celebration taking place sometime after Tisha Be’Av.
Luckily after these trying weeks, it’s vacation time. And about a week after fasting, it’s Tu Be’Av a.k.a. Yom Ahavah, which seems to be a vague equivalent of valentine’s day.
Yep for those who are surprised even valentine’s day is inspired from something Jewish. (Like everything else)
This concept dates back to the times of Shaul Hamelech.(or Shloime not sure now).
It was the custom on that day to let the unmarried women run loose and for bachelors to go and grab the girl who pleased him the most.
It’s actually mentioned in the Gemarah((Talmud, Taanit 31a).
“The daughters of Jerusalem would go out... and dance in the vineyards" and "whoever did not have a wife would go there".
It is considered a very joyous day and despite it’s obscurity a very spiritual and important one.
The actual relative significance of the day can better be understood by means of this quote in the last Mishnah of Masechet Taanit.
“Rabi Shimon ben Gamliel said "Israel has no days as festive as the 15th of Av and Yom Kippur

Just as on Tisha Be’Av a number of unfortunate events came over the Jews at different times and places so too a number of auspicious events happened on Tu Be’Av.
  • The victory of the Pharisees over the Sadducees was on either 14 or 15 Av.

  • The different tribes were allowed to intermarry on this date.

  • Members of the excommunicated tribe of Benjamin were allowed to appear in the community.

  • The end of the death of the Exodus generation in Midbar Sinai, which was their punishment for believing the 10 spies' negative report on the land of Canaan.

  • King Hosea, last monarch of the northern Israelite kingdom removed the barriers installed by King Jeroboam the 1st which prevented the northerners making pilgrimages to Jerusalem (Melachims 1 12:29, Melachims 2 18:4).

  • The date when the Romans permitted the Jews to bury Bar Kochba's supporters who had fallen at Beitar.

  • It is great to know that when the three weeks are over there’s a day like that coming up.
    Just to lift our spirits and remind us that being Jewish isn’t all about sadness and mourning it’s equally about celebration, joy and hopefully numerous simchas of all kinds.
    I remain with one question; my wife pressured me to make an effort last valentine. Although I wasn’t enthusiastic about participating in a non-Jewish holiday, I caved in and bought her a nice gift, which I otherwise wouldn’t have for no particular occasion. Now on Yom Ahavah which is a Jewish festivity, am I supposed to ‘make an effort‘ again?

    Information about TU Be'Av gathered from general knowledge and
    Torah Tots
    Chabad Magazine

    poor soul! u gonna miss ur meat!! ;-)

    I've always wondered about that. In school they always taught us about tznius, how rus bent down in the field in a modest way, about Dina and Sh'chem, we were taught 'kul kvudah bas melech p'nimah'. And about Miriam we were told that when they sang the shira they played the drums so the men won't hear their voices. And then one fine day, teach comes and tells us that they used to have beauty pageants! How does that shtim? It always puzzled me.
    goona comment...
    but I just wanna ask you first how you get such cute pics up...?
    I am new to blogging and I like your blog.

    We have enough of our own holidays. Why should you care about Valentine's Day?

    Yiddishe mamme is wise. Kul kvudah bas melech p'naimah is music to my ears.

    A blog to understand here. If you can give me some ideas, I would appreciate it. I am what they call blog surfing now.
    BB- You bet I will, and I don't go for vegetarian ersatz, so I’ll have to survive on pizza and pancakes for a full week.

    YM-They told you about Dinah and Shechem? At what age? With details? Haven't you noticed how half the Tanach is left out of the school, Yeshiva and sem curriculums.
    But to defend this custom, the men were advised not to pay attention only to the physical appearance of the girls, but to choose wisely(Gemarah).

    Shop- Do you mean to ask where I get them. Or how to post them?
    If it's the second click here

    Unknown- Welcome to my blog, and thanks for commenting.
    If you're looking for ideas.
    Write about what's happening to you or to people in your environment.
    Describe and comment on events in the Jewish world.
    Give support and advice etc...
    Good luck
    it's funny because i'm a vegetarian and during the three weeks i find myself feeling bad that i'm not really changing much in these solemn times, other than the music and simcha aspect during this period of mourning.
    prag - I don't remember exactly, but I think they only told us she was kidnapped. If they did tell us the rest, then I'm sure they said it very tactfully.

    Funny thing about the stuff they skip in school. When the teacher said, 'ok girls, we're skipping this perek', all of a sudden everyone became real masmidim and went reading the whole perek with English translation.
    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
    Bec-no need to feel guilty, there are enough other restrictions. Are you vegetarian "by choice" or is it that you don't like the taste of meat?

    YM-Same by the boys, if a picture in a secular book was cut out we would desperately try to get hold of the teacher's to look at what was being censured.

    Callie-Next time pleas just put a link to your blog instead of copying the whole article here.
    Hehe, but how about when they colored over words or pics with black marker, and without much effort at all, we could see what was under the marker. We would have had less a chance of noticing the offensive word/pic if they'd have just left it alone!!
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