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Monday, August 01, 2005


I just downloaded and tested this remarkable new internet based calling system.
I’m not talking about Skype which is amazing already.
I’m talking about software that allows you to call, no charge, to any non-cell phone in the world.
At the time I’m writing it’s still in beta, but it works relatively well already.
People I call using this software complain they don’t always hear me so well.
I answer “at least I’m calling”. When it used to cost I thought twice about calling just to say hello.
When that happens, sometimes it helps to put down ‘the phone’ and dial again.
When calling out of town or overseas, getting a connection isn’t always easy but once you’re connected the sound on both sides is usually very acceptable.
I’m not saying digital telephoning is ready yet to take over the long-standing analogue system, but it’s sure worth a try.
The calls to any home numbers are completely free.
But you will need to have a balance with them, 1$ will suffice, in order to call uninterruptedly. If you don’t create an account and balance your calls will be cut off every two minutes.
When giving your credit card information, I recommend using Pay Pal as an agent.
The Voip Buster Company is not so known yet, so it’s safer to go trough Pay Pal which is widely recognized and not dangerous.
You need a recent version of windows, a microphone and an ADSL or cable internet connection to make this work.
For more info visit their site.

Wonderful information. I will go to share this to my friends...

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